Truth in the UK's public square

The Lie of Evolution

The foundation upon which the secular and naturalistic worldview of the mainstream media, the mainstream political parties and the academic establishment rests, is Darwinism. While the Enlightenment got rid of Scripture and turned theists into deists, it was Darwin who got rid of God and turned deists into atheists. Richard Dawkins has famously remarked that Darwin’s theory of evolution “made it possible to become an intellectually fulfilled atheist”. But what if evolution is a lie? What if design, not chance, is responsible for the complexity of life? In this 53 minute presentation, Michael Penfold gives 4 reasons why Darwin’s theory of evolution simply cannot be true. He deals with the teleological argument for God; the input of Hume and Paley into the design debate; the half way house proposal of theistic evolution; the role of genetics; the problem of the fossil record; and the mind-blowing irreducible complexity of nature. References: Gen 1:11-13, 20-21, 25-28.

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