Truth in the UK's public square

The Gospel – Man-Made or Divine?

Isn’t Christianity just another human construct? Isn’t a person’s religion just a matter of geography? Michael Penfold gives evidence in this presentation for the divine origin of Christianity. Tracing the message of the gospel back through Saul of Tarsus – who wrote much of the New Testament – to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, this session argues for the reality of the Christian faith, its grounding in the eye-witnessed facts of history and in the Messiah, the Son of God.

Complete series:

Part 1 – Does Truth Exist
Part 2 – Who Made God?
Part 3 – Where Did Life Come From?
Part 4 – Why Charles Darwin Was Wrong
Part 5 – Darwin’s Deadly Legacy
Part 6 – The Gospel: Man-Made or Divine?
Part 7 – If God Exists, Why Is There Evil?