Truth in the UK's public square

“If there’s a God, why is there suffering in the world?”

Born in 1948 in “industrial Scotland” (Govan, Glasgow), Matt Reid left School at 15 to become an apprentice in the Glasgow shipyards. His Presbyterian upbringing quickly fell away as Matt got into drink and drugs and soon became a hardened foul-mouthed cynic, very bitter against God. His reasoning? – “If there’s a God why is there all the suffering in the world?” He had a strong antipathy towards organised religion. That was his “pet peeve”. Emigrating to Canada, Matt ended up in Ontario and continued his lifestyle there. Matt, by then in his mid-forties, finally came across “born again Christians” through a Gospel Tent event in his locality. Then one unforgettable day in 1996 he received a visit from Peter Orasuk and Murray McCandless, two evangelists who faced Matt with the truth about where his sins were taking him. Matt was saved at 3.00am the next morning. This is his story in his own words.

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