Truth in the UK's public square

A Wild Night on Mount Rushmore

Mr Ward, an alcoholic purple heart WW2 veteran, used to beat his wife and get his 8 year old son Art drunk, much to the amusement of the men at the pub. Small wonder that Art’s tragic childhood turned into a wild adulthood filled with drink, drugs, violence and fast motorbikes. Art heard the gospel message as a young man, but it made little impact on him. Then God intervened in his life. On a bike trip to Yellowstone National Park, Art and his biker mates stopped at Mount Rushmore to see the Presidents’ faces. That night Art, full of drink, lost control of his bike and had a close shave with death. Sobered and troubled Art recalls, “I decided that if there was such a thing as salvation, I was going to go in for it.” He went looking for a Gospel Hall in Blue River, Wisconsin. There he heard the gospel truth from the Bible. His life was totally transformed on 26th July 1974 when he was born again. Art became an evangelist, and spent the rest of his life preaching the gospel to others. On 29th October 2005, Art met with a tragic car accident that instantly took his life. He was ready to go. Are you?

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